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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Where do you sail in Serbia (if I understood correctly, you went "back" to reclaim the title)?
There are 17 registered sailing clubs in Serbia. Belgrade is on the confluence of 2 huge rivers, Danube and Sava, and it is the biggest sailing centre with 8 clubs. There are few lakes too, like Palic in the North and Oblacinsko in the South. However, the best reggatta venues are at the river Danube by Golubac and by Donji Milanovac on the Djerdap Lake where hydro plant transformed the Danube in a huge lake. This is where we sailed The Djerdap Cup and National Championships.

Yes, I went "back" to sail. I was born in Belgrade, but lived abroad for last 20 years, currently in Vancuver BC.
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