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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Yes, tried Alu Rough, and this feel better. When I tried Alu Rough (and other Luxlions) I could never get my head around the Luxilon "mystique". My impression was, "What's the big deal?". With 4G I can see these being a very big deal. I wasn't a Luxilon hater, just a Luxilon heretic/doubter. Not ready to be a believer yet, but I'm listening to the sermon now.
Hmm good to hear. I'm very weird with strings/ Even though I use gut poly, and no matter how much pace and spin I put on the ball, I just DON'T break strings. It might be because I string in the mid-high 40's, but it takes me forever to break strings. The last time my strings broke it was the poly that went first. I haven't used a lot of polys in hybrids, so I'm not always good at perceiving tension loss, so I hope to make a comparison between the two as well. Really can't wait to try this out.
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