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I play under the lights for well over 50% of all matches because almost all leagues start at 6 pm or 6:30. We play a huge number of league matches at the Mobile Tennis Center since they field probably a third of all teams. MTC has 70 odd courts spread out on two different sides of a road. The newer courts and their lights are better but the ones on the older side are awful.

On the side of the road with older courts there are five rows of courts like the diagram below and they are tiered so on one side you're looking straight ahead into the lights on courts at a lower elevation while on the other side you are looking at two rows of lights on the courts at a higher elevation.

To add to the fun the courts are old and somewhat dirty on this side of the road so that balls quickly get discolored and darker making them even harder to pick out from among the array of lights in your eyes.

I almost want to forfeit in advance whenever we play on this side of the road and the last time we played a match there we got about the worst possible court, right on the center court of the middle row. Bah! Balls come right at you and you can't pick them up till the last minute.

X = a court, 0 is where I last played a match, stuck in the middle

higher elevation courts
lower elevation court
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