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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Look, buddy.
I have a degree from Stanford in Biomechanical Engineering.
I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the largest research university in the world.
The reason I'm in Vienna this weekend is to receive the highest international award in applied science innovation in my field.
I've read every tennis-related article by Lindsey, Brody, Cross, Haake, and Goodwill, and I have respect for their work.
And I've spent enough years of careful experimentation with racquet customization that I am quite certain I know more about how lead tape affects racquet than any of them. The reason I continue to discuss the MgR/I concept is because it works, and because it's an essential tool for anyone interested in optimizing the performance of a tennis racquet. I'm in the process of preparing a comprehensive book on racquet customization in my spare time, which will more formally present the concept, along with other key concepts. I plan to use Lindsey as editor. Until I see something more useful than venom from your posts, I don't have any intention of consulting your help.
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