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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
Hmmmm, I'm not into winning at all costs in social situations and I'm the "playing tournaments" type, BUT...winning is the only relevant improvement measurement in the end.
Winning against guys who used to beat you...etc.
With regards to your bolded statement...if you are striking the ball cleanly and moving should win also...unless you are playing a vastly superior player in which case yes...just playing against him would be a priviledge.
I somehow agree with the attitude that one should feel good about himself if playing well ... regardless of the result, but that only applies when playing superior players IMO.
If I'm playing somebody at my level...and playing well...playing well...quite frankly should mean winning the match.
Hitting a few clean winners, playing a few gorgeous points but making a ton of unforced errors or making some stupid tactical decisions and losing...does NOT mean playing well in my book.
We're largely on the same page. The comment to which I was disagreeing was 'winning at all costs'. I can play well and lose to someone better than me, and come off the court feeling happy with my performance. If I lose to someone who I would generally beat, then chances are I haven't played well.

Originally Posted by nkbond View Post
No reason for you to keep score then...
Keeping score is a nice, accepted method of determining who should be serving and when you finish playing. I also wouldn't want to presume that whoever I'm playing doesn't want to win at all costs.
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