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Default First hit

Just hit with my with V Core 89 today. It has a leather grip and overgrip strung with Luxilon 4g at 55lbs. The racquet is a best on serves. Pinpoint accuracy and bombs on flat serves. Volleys were as good as can be expected with poly strings. My forhands were sailing a little long compared to my Yonex RD 7's that were weighed up to 13.5 ounces strung with Tourna Big Hitter Silver. I switched from my normal semi-western forehand to my old full Western forehand that I used to hit with when I had Prince Original Graphite mids. Unbelievable difference. The spin and power was back. I swore to myself to never go back to the full western grip but the V Core 89 made every shot feel so effortlessly. It brought me back 15 years wnating me to hit Western and use the same grip fore my 1HBH. Yes I use the same grip for backhand and forehands. The spin and power was there and I flet like I could place the ball anywhere on the court. I don't know if it was the racquet, the 4G strings, or a combo of both. I had no shoulder or wrist pain and just felt connected to the racquet. Two big thumbs up to the V Core 89. It did feel a lil bit light when returning serves though. I put 7 inch strips of lead tape running from 1 o'clock to almost 4 o'clock. The racquet felt a little dead at the top of the hoop. I haven't weighed it yet, but im guessing its back to stck balance since I put a leather grip on it. Any thoughts on my observations?
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