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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Take a look at the field for the 1959 Forest Hills Tournament of Champions.
Hoad, Gonzales, Rosewall, Trabert, Sedgman, Segura, Cooper, Anderson, Rose, Giammalva.
Six members of the ITHF (Hall of Fame), all but Giammalva winners of multiple major titles. (Rose won both the Australian and French singles titles.)
How many major winners and ITHF members were in the Berlin "World Pro Championship", an event which was officially sanctioned by whom?
Need we go on with this? Really?
Ther Berlin World Pro Championship was sanctioned by the international Pro Players Association (I forgot the exact name).

You can't compare it with the 1959 event because in the early 1930s not many of the top players had turned pro but with Tilden, K. Kozeluh, Nüsslein, Richards, Plaa, Ramillon, Najuch there were some excellent pros around.

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