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Fernandez & Zvereva were inducted together as a doubles team, without their singles career being a factor at all. And they were the 2nd most successful team after Navratilova/Shriver.

Sukova is being inducted alone, and is her doubles alone extraordinary? I think they are inducting her for her doubles alone, not her singles(which is in no way HOF worthy) Again this seems very weird. Unless she has contributed to the game in other ways I'm not aware of.
Well it could be a combination of her singles and doubles play couldnt it? Not quite enough in either singles or doubles alone to get in (even with currently lowly laughable HOF standards) but combinining the two enough. Some on the WTA forum think Stosur will get in for the same reasons and I think Sukova is every bit as worthy if not more than Stosur, even if Sam is the one with the singles slam.
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