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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Cut the Grommet strip out of the head ? you mean the head guard ? The Head guard comes off the grommet, it is 2 piece. so why would you cut it out ? If you take off the headguard and leave the grommet in place and put a babolat head tape on for protection then that actually takes off alot of weight off the head.

I was afraid to do this with 2012 because head is already unstable and don't know what will happen if you take off the headguard ?
but off the 2011 pure drive GT, if you take off the head guard, that actually works out real well on making the head more head light.

I am a big fan of 10-12 points headlight rackets.
Sorry, never done a PD and I did not know it was 2 Piece. I can trim it or drill holes in it. I wish I would have known before I strung the rackets.
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