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Aaaah. the night time issue. I played a league match recently - hosted at their club. At my end behind me was a park... behind my opponent (about 19yrs old) was another row of lit courts. For some reason we played a set without changing ends (which is quite common in some night leagues here). I won it 7-5 but was really struggling to see the ball.... when I walked down his end to get some water after the set I noticed how much brighter his end of the court was and said we should swap for the second set. He said it didn't matter since it was night - no sunlight distraction etc. I said if it doesn't matter then he wont mind swapping.

The next set I went up 4-0 - he basically couldn't hit a ball... then he called for ends saying we'd played 4 games and the lights were a disadvantage to him. I refused and won the set 6-0. I took note of our team and, mysteriously, the other two were both put down the dark end also.

Our team won comfortably in the end with the loss of only one match but i asked our club admin to email the rest of the league teams - this club included - highlighting how they attempted to get an unfair advantage by putting visiting teams down the dark end of the courts. Sneaky ****ers...

Them damn lights - they are an issue globally!
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