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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Yes absolutely we need to go with this (with full respect Dan).

Karel Kozeluh
Bill Tilden
Albert Burke
Hans Nüsslein

were all great players. The Pro. game at the time was the Pro game. If you were discounting the 1932, 1933 World Championships because there wasn't enough depth, in your opinion, to the Pro game - wouldn't you also need to discount the US Pro and the French Pro at the same time period? I am not saying that they were better than Vines. I am simply saying it was the top Pro tournament. And being the Top professional tournament it was worthy of major status. It is also reported and respected during the period as the Pro World title - hence this isn't imagined - it is real. I am just trying to bring the history books up to date with what was true on the ground at the time.
The problem remains that only Tilden had established himself in the more competitive world of amateur tennis, and the others only by playing among themselves. This fails the test of credibility.
In 1959, all the players had made names in the amateur field first, even Segura (he won Queens Club in 1947).
The Forest Hills T of C was in a much higher league then the inaugural events of the 1920's and early 1930's. Likewise the 1967 Wimbledon Pro.

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