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Played another 3-4 hours with this string at the weekend, this time on grass (what a fabulous surface). Stringbed felt marginally softer than what it was like 3 days ago, probably due to some additional tension loss from my original 52lbs CP, and the strings maybe were quite as 'grabby' as before, though its difficult to be 100% sure because it was a different surface, one where even with new balls, they don't bounce as muich. Overall, the stringbed still felt fine though.

The impression I get with this string, is that you have to be committed through every stroke and really be prepared to hit through the ball to get the best of this string. It's as if you need to work the strings and make them bend to get the best of out of them. Whether that was due to the tension I used or some other reason, I'm not sure. As mentioned previously it doesn't strike me as a string for players with tentative strokes or those who aren't prepared to crush the ball or those who don't generate alot of racquet speed.

I'm really liking this string so far. It's a string with a nice balance of characteristics and inspires alot of confidence. Just need to see how long it lasts.

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