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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
It was a private tennis/racquetball/swim/fitness club off of Lee Rd west of I-4. They hosted the US national 14's (? IIRC) girl's clay court tourney for a while, had 12 or so outdoor Har-Tru courts and 2 indoor HC's. Then, a wealthy racquetball afficionado bought the club and the whole slant of membership went in that direction. They built a few extra RB courts and expanded their fitness gym by using the indoor tennis space, scrimped on the Har-Tru maintenance and voilą, everybody bailed on their tennis memberships.

There were many other factors that helped feed the exodus (limited parking, declining neighborhood) but the place stayed active until at least 2005. Marcelo Gouts (Lake Cane tennis director) tried to ramp it back up but I think the land got too valuable as a commercial building zone so the owner sold and it was to be razed and converted to office space the last I heard of it.

I played there twice the last decade. The first time, the Har-Tru courts were incredible. About 2 years after that, they were downright dangerous.
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