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Originally Posted by bigmatt View Post
I remember playing on those indoor courts a couple of times. Mikeler is right about the clay: for awhile it was very good, but then the maintenance went south (one of the first things to tell you revenues are down), and there were lines sticking up too high, bald spots and other dangers. They had 2 outdoor hard courts there, too, and I was always hoping to get one when our team played there.
Too bad what happened, because it was a cool club. I remember the Girl's 14s (may have been 12s), Tom, and I saw Stephanie Rehe win there about 30 years ago. she was at least 6 inches taller than all the other girls then!

Those were the problems I remembered. Lines sticking up out of the ground and there is no way you could slide on the clay. You would sprain your ankle or knee if you tried. The nets were falling apart too.

Do you guys also remember a club at the east end of Lake Mary Blvd? I played there as a junior. They had maybe 8 or 10 clay courts, it was a nice facility but I guess somewhere along the line it vanished too.
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