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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
what she did get of course is the 3rd rd us open ranking pts which will allow her to not work her way up from the bottom

capra was able to pass up the draw of all those points a few years ago, but looks like burdette thinks she can make it, we'll see, maybe...
Like you said, the rankings points are the key reason. It takes a lot of effort to work your way up from the bottom.

Burdette is now #159. That's a huge head start.

I support her decision. With a ranking that high, at the very least, she had to take the fall off to play pro events (like Johnson did last year). Though as we've seen with Stanford's scheduling (especially not playing the Team indoor), it's not like she's missing much competition. Last year, Stanford only played two decent teams (California & Florida) before mid-April.

Their scheduling means that their "competitive season" is really just about 6-8weeks.

Capra also had her ranking way up there. Certainly, could have understood her decision either way.

Would think that the difference with Burdette is that Burdette could piggyback her results prior to the US Open: two tournament wins, including a $100,000 level tournament, Vancouver.

By the way, I got to see some of the Capra/Will match in the NCAAs in Athens. Capra was the better player on the court and was in control most of the match. She frustrated and was able to out grind Will.

She ran into a hot Burdette (who is better at ending points) in the Singles.

Also, after Capra has another dominant year, I'm not sure how she (her tennis) benefits from staying for a Senior season.
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