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I've been an MRT for 15 years and have a steady clientele a mixed bag of local and not so local, some clients send me their racquets via fed ex for next day turn around simply cause they like and appreciate my work and level of customer service, others feel my pricing and service is better then any pro shop or large brick and mortar they have had experiences with.

I charge between $10 and $13 bucks for a string job if you bring me the string, for a syn gut job its generally between $18 and $20 depending on the type of syn gut. Gut is about $50 - $55 depending on the cost I pay for the gut, and whether they want it pre-stretched or not. Poly's, Multi's and Hybrids are the same I generally mark the string up between 30% - 40% to help offset the shipping/delivery costs. So a string that costs $15.95 * 35% + $13 = $34.45, I would generally round down and only charge $34. Why do I do this? cause I provide full service I pick up and deliver next day or in some cases same day depending on the client and level of service they require.

I also generally give a multi racquet discount of 10% - 20% for 2 or more sticks strung at a time and I offer a loyalty program every 10th frame is free.

I also do the small stuff if I see the over grip is shot I'll re-grip it as part of the string job at no cost, as well as, inspect all frames in front of the client and make recommendations as to new grommets or replacement grips so they have a say as to whether or not they want to pay the extra cost of those services.

I dunno I feel I'm free some may not think so, but thats just me and my clients are always happy with the work and level of service they get.
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