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Originally Posted by Woolybugger View Post
this the ugly side of tennis that isn't talked about much. there are cheaters and bad attitudes all around.

last tournament my kid's opponent, who was losing, wouldn't hand the ball over nicely. at every side change he would intentionally whack them over to the other court, making my kid walk all the way there. what a jerk.
I've seen the same thing when my daughter was playing with hitting the balls to some far end so that my daughter would have to walk pretty far to get them.

What's the point?

Some of these kids are just nutty. I am sure it is their parents influence.

My advice for the OP's kid, is that he should just laugh at that type of behavior and keep playing his game.

It truly is laughable some idiot kid yelling "yes, yes" on his opponent's errors at some junior tournament.

It's a joke, he should laugh and then keep playing his game.
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