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Well that FSU game was something. Obviously we were supposed to play WVU, which would have been awesome, but instead these poor guys come in and just get manhandled. One thing is clear to me - our offensive line is so much better. I hope I did not jinx it, but if we can get a push like that off the Oline I dont see us losing this year. It is just night and day from last year. I saw us struggling in our easier opening games last year, so this is great, even against weak opponents. It is just really hard for me to get excited about these games though, in terms of watching and getting into them.

Kind of a boring week for college football to me honestly.

I hate soft teams on schedules. The NCAA screwed up again. They could have eliminated these soft games and went to an 8 team playoff. 8 teams is perfect, and while the 9th team will have a complaint, it would be incredibly exciting to see 8 v 1 and so on. It also would eliminate one or both of these soft games so the season actually kicks off solidly like the NFL does.
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