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Originally Posted by BHSC View Post
Also, after Capra has another dominant year, I'm not sure how she (her tennis) benefits from staying for a Senior season.
i wouldn't put too much money on her leaving after her sophomore or junior seasons - she has two interesting examples around her to think about...

cecil coaching her, who went pro after the most dominant season a rookie has had in a long long time, leading the team to the title and taking the singles crown...we know how that worked out, i think she'd like to have been on the court rather than the sidelines the past few years

and cunha who is staying for his senior season after being the #1 seed in NCAAs as a freshman - he'll be taking his shot at the pros in a year with a solid degree and future ahead of him if he fails

not to mention guys like ramsey smith and michael yani hanging around the program who can tell you first hand how difficult it is to break through on tour
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