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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Those were the problems I remembered. Lines sticking up out of the ground and there is no way you could slide on the clay. You would sprain your ankle or knee if you tried. The nets were falling apart too.

Do you guys also remember a club at the east end of Lake Mary Blvd? I played there as a junior. They had maybe 8 or 10 clay courts, it was a nice facility but I guess somewhere along the line it vanished too.
That was Bayhead. I played there a bit back in the 80s, and it was a happening place. A guy took it over for a tennis academy and the courts went downhill fast. It's been sitting there empty for what seems like 20 years now; can't believe they didn't sell the land during the "bubble". I know the husband of the lady who was (is?) president of SCC; told him they should snatch it up, repair it and start a tennis program again. Never got anywhere with that one, believe it or not.
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