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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
The place Tom is referring too is now an indoor soccer facility. I have played soccer there a few times. I used to play tennis and racquet ball and worked out there as a kid. The place really went downhill pretty fast around 2007. They used to have an indoor hoops court when it was still doing well. I saw Shaq and Nick Anderson in there taking free throw lessons before.

The indoor soccer facility is really cool. I hope it does well.
Guess the lessons didn't take!

Originally Posted by bigmatt View Post
That was Bayhead. I played there a bit back in the 80s, and it was a happening place. A guy took it over for a tennis academy and the courts went downhill fast. It's been sitting there empty for what seems like 20 years now; can't believe they didn't sell the land during the "bubble". I know the husband of the lady who was (is?) president of SCC; told him they should snatch it up, repair it and start a tennis program again. Never got anywhere with that one, believe it or not.

Too bad, they had some nice courts back in the day. Funny, yet true story. I went there with a buddy of mine to play a junior tournament. In between matches I was watching him play and this was his first time on clay. He fell and skinned his knee bad. As an adolescent "friend" I proceeded to laugh at him. My next match the same thing happened to me. He returned the favor!
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