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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
My son has spent last few years practicing his football throw. He can throw a mean tight spiral. He finally now can hit a wicked fast serve as well. The throwing motion is near identical.

(11 years old. 5"5. 140lbs. Plays defensive end and left guard on his team. Being groomed to be a full back by his football coaches for the high school team. He can't be a ball carrier till high school when the weight restrictions come off. )
Is it because of the flick of the wrist necessary to generate the spiral? Same principal holds true in golf ... if you want to generate massive clubhead speed, it's all about waiting until the last moment to 'pull the trigger' and break your wrist to bring the clubhead through. Watching Serena's serve in slo-mo, the wrist snap is ridiculous.
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