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Happened to catch some of Serena's quarterfinal match the other day, and Chris Evert was commenting on how critical it is for parents of daughters to teach them how to throw "correctly", and that the hours that Serena spent learning how to throw a tight spiral is a key component of her fluid service motion. I thought that was actually pretty good advice, just curious if any other parents have had success with that?

I also happened to see on another recent thread that folks were talking about starting weight-training with their 8 & 9 year olds. That just seems way, way too early to me. Seems like if these girls spend time being active and playing multiple sports, that the balance and coordination will be learned ... which would be more important than trying to build up muscle on such tiny frames.
My girls' coaches advocate playing other sports before age 10.....never recommend early specialization for tennis. Throwing football was encouraged for girls. In fact, it was often done during lessons when they were younger. It helped serves and overhead motion for both of my kids.
Strength and condition were part of the training at their academy. For only the serious, more committed, group of 9-10 year old, there is some simple weight train like push-up, rubber arm band maybe once a week. The coaches advocate strength training more to prevent injury than to outpower an opponent in a tennis match.

I am not sure about lifting weight in a young teenage girl. Saw a few 14 year old girls with bulging muscles...talking about 1/3 of Sam Stosur or incredible Hulk here. My 13 year old does not want to look like that.
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