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Originally Posted by stoneage View Post
The swing radius tells you the relation between racquet head and handle speed. At the left side of the curve they are the same, at the right side the handle speed is close to zero. So if you pick a point say 15/r = 0.5, r is 30 cm and the acc point moves (30+40)/30 = 2.3 times faster than the handle. And that is the same for all curves at that point. (I am not sure if that answers your question).

And yes, MgR/I is a measure of weight distribution. It is taking one such measure (MR) and dividing it with another (I). It also means that a very heavy racquet (100 kg) and a very light racquet (10 g) with similar weight distribution can have the same MgR/I.

A fun exercise in connection with this is to assume that the racquet has a completely even weight distribution. MgR/I=21 will then lead to the result that the ideal racquet is 70 cm long, but of arbitrary weight!
Yes I understand.

This method/formula is truly amazing. I have set-up 5 rackets differently (different specs) and they are all very playable.

Sten, I have also tested (before this thread) the influence of mass locations, instead of just the specs. I went on the court with two rackets with the same specs, as close as I could, but with a different weightdistibution. They played quite differently. One was hitting flatter than the other. I don't think this is covered in the formula, or is it?

If it isn't, you can determine your favorite specs. Then finetune the playingcharacteristics by adjusting the weightdistribution within the specs you like.

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