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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
While that's all true, I don't see the problem. If she fizzles out on tour, or even if she has a relatively long successful career, if she really wants to be a doctor, she'll make it happen. So what if she'll be "pretty old" by the time she finishes her residency. If she's okay with it, why would it be a problem? If it's a little extra work, a less traveled path, big deal.
sure, if she really wants it, she'll make it happen

and i don't know what her family financial situation is, so she may or may not be in a huge amount of debt heading into the second half of her 30s if she were to go that route - may or may not be a big deal

but in my experience, there are very few people (a handful of exceptions, sure) in med school who have taken a significant amount of time away from academics (some are a bit older, but usually research, a masters, etc filled the interim)...and i think the reason isn't hard to figure out - it's hard to go from even college with classes just a couple hours a day to much longer days of sitting in lecture halls or pouring over notes in med school - the transition is that much harder after years away from the classroom entirely - and most people like to be making some money at that point in their life

thacher and burdette certainly have control over their futures, go for it if they think they can play pro tennis for a few years then go back to the (pre-reqs / standardized tests / applications / sitting in class all day for the first two years if they get in somewhere) route - i think it's extremely unlikely and i just hope they've thought about the level of academic energy they'll have left after a few years having fun playing tennis
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