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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
Ok now. I'm assuming that TW can count on all of you guys to order a reel of 15L Nylon.
I already have. Been using it as a cross for poly mains. It works just fine .
Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I like how this was supposed to be the end of this thread and now it is alive and kicking.
Haha. Funny isn't it?

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
What U&C is saying I think is that if you tried to hit a short, cross-court passing shot with full poly, that exact same stroke with full syn gut would not produce the same result. You COULD hit that same shot with full syn gut, multi or natty (Sampras was a wizard at this), but you just can't rely on the string giving you that extra nose-dive at the end. You've got to change the trajectory or seriously up the RHS.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Polylon feels so woeful that I'd rather play with Forten Nylon. It's just poly for the sake of poly whereas the Forten is tennis string at its very essence. The latter is more appealing.
I would have to agree. While nylon certainly doesn't play great, I actually quite like how it feels oddly enough.
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