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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I think Jim's assessment of Roger and Rafa's rackets are wrong. I also think the specs for Rog and Raf in this thread are not quite right.

Rafa is HL but only 2-4 points HL, with static weight under 12 oz and SW in the 350-360 range.

Roger is HL but around 6-8 points HL, with static weight around 364 grams, and SW in the 350-360 range. I have seen several analysis of Roger's racket and never saw a 330 SW. See Greg Raven's analysis and other TW threads.

I agree with Jim that good 3.5+ level and above players can benefit from poly if they use it wisely. My opinion is using poly as a cross is good for most of us if you want more directional control, a touch more spin, and far less string movement. You will need to change strings every 10-20 hours. If you have a really fast swing or a really powerful tweener style racket than using poly mains with a synthetic cross is fine for rec players.

I was last rated 4.0, was rated 4.5 about 2 decades ago and played 5.0 USTA league 30 years ago and won about 30-40% of matches but official ranking never went to 5.0. I like playing with poly strings for the reasons cited above.
Hi TennisCJC

Here is the link from Greg Raven's website. He has measured two of Federer's rackets.
The specs are accurate.
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