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If tennis players got paid better, meaning good income generation not limited to the top players only, then maybe the school thing will help. Will increase the talent pool beyond just the rich kids. Otherwise, does not matter. Why would one go for tennis knowing the chances of making money is very small? You at least have several kids winning the lottery by being drafted every year in team sports. Better for schools to use their money on education. Unless USTA funds it which won't happen.
That's one of the biggest problems in tennis, it's too top heavy. (money wise)
Serena just won 1.9 million, drop in the bucket for her, but lotto money to the 100th ranked player.
Futures, challengers need to drastically offer more money, many players on those tour lose money.

Great article, when I played high school tennis in the 70's, (before prop. 13, cut funding to California public schools) we were provide equipment, uniforms for making the team. Now, I had to pay $700 plus uniform costs for my child to play on the high school team...
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