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Originally Posted by ben123 View Post
lol... specs got measured unstrung, ever thought about this? smart guy...

n btw i do not trust this site to 100%. why should i when there is a thread with real photos in this forum? that guy bought nadals/djokers/federers and other racquets.. and he showed with pics how he measured the specs etc..

nadals weight is around 340+ now he said himself he added 3 gram at the top to the beginning of this season. swingweight will be around 360
federers weight is always 364,2g with swingweight around 355
etc etc blabla
Well Einstein, Maybe you should take a look again as it is definitely measured strung and I included the three grams of Nadal.

Here is another thread about the guy that you were talking about. He has the original and real racket of Federer.

The weight is 364 STRUNG!!!!!!!!!

Check post #173

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