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Using a Pure Storm right now and am looking to switch to more of a control-centric racquet. I understand the major differences between the PS and PSL and am ready for all that - that's not why I'm here (although I'd be happy to read experiences/thoughts from any who have made this transition).

A little background: I'm 3.5 player, have beat 4.0's, but not consistently. Power has come fairly easily and can hit a handful of winners per match. I'm a baseliner who will come up to volley if I can push an opponent deep or off the court with a well-placed shot. Basically I feel I'm improving to the extent that I would benefit from more control than more power.

I tested the Pro Staff Six.One 95 and really enjoyed it. Liked the quicker maneuverability and felt it made me concentrate on my shots more since it is more demanding. Are these two racquets comparable? On paper it seems like it, but I'd love to hear from folks who are familiar playing with both. Can't find a PSL GT at any local shops so I may have resort to demoing from TW.

Reason for not going with the Wilson is simply price. Have a connection to discounted Babolat so I can get the old PSL GT for about half what I'd pay for the Pro Staff.

Please feel free to share any thoughts/recommendations.

Thanks in advance.
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