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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Alright alright, I will order a set
I played with Luxilon full bed or hybrids, I can see why pros are using it but they can afford frequent restringing and I can not. That's why I'm intrigued by "next gen resilience" claims. My dream setup would be 15+ hours of spin and comfort for $30 or less, so I really hope this 4G Luxilon will not go dead in 5 hours like they usually do
Try WC Mosquito Bite first before blowing $$ on Lux.

Spin & comfort with gut for 15+ hours = Gut/Mosquito Bite. As comfy as it gets (although not recommended for 16x19 or more open patterns), for dense 18x20 mid and MP racquets... perfection.
Head Pro Tour 280/630 MP, 18x20. Tour Bite 1.15/Mosquito Bite 1.16.
Sampras serve, Agassi backhand and Federer forehand. heh heh
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