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"Court reached the final in 29, the semifinals in 36, and the quarterfinals in 43 of the 47 Grand Slams singles tournaments she played. She won 11 of the 16 Grand Slam singles tournaments she entered beginning with the 1969 Australian Open and ending with the 1973 US Open. She also won 11 of the 17 Grand Slam singles tournaments she entered, beginning with the 1962 Australian Championships and ending with the 1966 Australian Championships. Court was 146–2 (98.6%) against unseeded players in Grand Slam singles tournaments.
Court is the only player to have won the Grand Slam in both singles and mixed doubles. She won the singles Grand Slam in 1970, the mixed doubles Grand Slam in 1963 with fellow Australian Ken Fletcher, and the mixed doubles Grand Slam in 1965 with three different partners (Fletcher, John Newcombe and Fred Stolle).
Court won more than half of the Grand Slam events held in 1963 (8 of 12), 1964 (7 of 12), 1965 (9 of 12), 1969 (8 of 12), 1970 (7 of 11) and 1973 (6 of 11)."

So much depends on how we weigh doubles and mixed when determining GOAT status. She is right up there even if we don't. There are two caveats to her majors stats. obviously some did not regard those Australian draws as worthy of major status. There are also those who feel Court got a little lucky that Bueno had two huge medical impairments during the height of her career, which coincided with more wins for Margaret. Very roughly comparable to minimizing Graf's accomplishments, or Everts, because of a stabbed rival or a bad back and burnout ( Austin)

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