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Originally Posted by socaltennnis View Post
You're from Duke right? There's a Stanford tennis player, KJ Hippensteel, who played for Stanford for 4 years, went pro, got to rank 150, is now in his 30's, just graduated from Duke Med this past spring. He should be in internship year somewhere.
yep, awesome guy - followed his career a good bit since he grew up around my area of the country

1) i'm not saying no one ever does it - just becomes a much more unlikely path - again, good for them if they go for it and follow kj's example


2) he had a HUGE advantage over them, having graduated from stanford as a bio major (and thus likely having all of the pre-reqs out of the way by the time he graduated, though i'm not positive on that)..............that's probably a 2 year advantage over thacher (per the articles i've seen, a history major who will have to go somewhere for pre-med reqs as a post-grad) and a 3 year advantage over burdette (who will have to finish off her BA in psychology and then get those medicine pre-reqs done)

so yes, someone who had a couple year advantage over them due to his undergraduate choices has pulled it off, credit to him
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