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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
That's one of the biggest problems in tennis, it's too top heavy. (money wise)
Serena just won 1.9 million, drop in the bucket for her, but lotto money to the 100th ranked player.
Futures, challengers need to drastically offer more money, many players on those tour lose money.
Not sure it is the prize money at the top. In fact, that makes more chase the prize. The Lotto hits $300 million and many more play it. Make it $1 million to 300 people.....fewer would play. I saw a good increase of girls coming to lessons when it was first reported Sharapova was making $25 mil in endorsements after her Wimbledon win at age 17.

Now if you want to say the USTA should use the crazy salaries it pays to many worthless people, and money wasted on high performance, to instead hold more decent paying future tournaments where US players are given plenty of access, then we are on to something.
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