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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Well Pete emerged (and some others) which helped knock Courier out..
But he still managed four majors amongst some powerful competition still winning majors themselves, which is a key difference between Courier and Murray.

Will Nadal return to top form? With all the mileage and injuries he has had he could be borderline retirement too.. Theres two guys who can stop Murray leaving the ranks eventually soon or at least declining
I think Nadal taking time off is the right medicine for him. His ability and fighting spirit will not go anywhere soon, so if he's recovered...rested, he can be a brick wall to Murray--and not just on clay. Then again, Murray is no spring chicken in tennis terms, and will his retreiving style hold up with each passing year? As noted earlier, capitalizing on 1st majors at an earlier age is another advantage Courier had which Murray completely missed.
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