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Love Courier, but he is dead wrong.

I remember when Navratilova and Mcenore were commenting on the strings todays players use. They stated that the poly used today, is much more powerful than the natural gut they used. Clueless.

Fact is, most players and even commentators know ***** about equipment. Nothing, zero, squat. They have no idea how poly could *enhance* spin, if in fact the players swings hard enough to get the benefit, which most recreational players can't.

What ends up happening is they get less power, less spin, less comfort. To add, they unlike pros, don't re-string every day, so end up playing with a dead string.

To give you an example of how often players re-string, Courier, who doesn't even play on tour anymore, had me re-string his frame 3 times for a champions series match (gosen og micro in mains, alu power in crosses).
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