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My quick review, 4G 1.30

Rac - Tecnifibre 320 16x19
Tension - 52/49 lbs
ERT - Day after stringing 30. My string of choice Luxilon Original reads 31 day after. Lower # could be due to its stiffer compound. I noticed that it didn't "stretch" as much as LO on my Wise head, and once it reached the tension, it doesn't keep pulling like other strings.

Play - Didn't have to adjust much. Played similar to LO. But noticed that balls weren't as heavy. So after about 10mins, I had to adjust....I started to hit harder. Now I was getting the similar heavy ball as the LO. I was struggling a bit with flattening out shots, as they didn't seem to penetrate as usual. Took me few mins to find the timing. But once I found the timing, good heavy shots.

It plays little bit "deader" than LO but it feels like a 1.20mm. Weird but nice! I usually practice pretty hard so after about 1.5hrs of hitting my ERT reads at 26 with LO. I measured 4G after 1.5 hr of hitting(day after stringing), it read 28.
It did play nice and crisp throughout the whole sessions.

I'm not convinced after 1 session but this isn't for all players, at least the 1.30 in full. 4G really rewards those that can hit heavy and hard. but with better feel and tension maintenance ability.

I'm going to hit again and do a final review in few days.

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