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I'd try to reason with them especially if they don't move well. Make them understand that the whole court is exposed when you do that. If they can't understand that and you are losing a lot, I'd find another partner. Most good doubles teams I've seen keep most of the balls in the middle of the court and when they do hit it wide both are in the service box and alley of the side the ball is in.

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On my men's 3.5 team, and especially on the mixed teams I play on, I have several partners that serve from the allies, and serve wide on almost every serve. As the net guy, I feel like I'm floundering around attempting to make something happen (poach) under difficult circumstances. Most serve returns are going back extreme cross court, and if I try to get a head start on them, the returner goes up the line.

What do you do when this happens?
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