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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
This isn't exactly true. Nadal had to beat Fed in the semi at RG in 2005,just to get to the final. **** had to beat Fed in semi at the AO in 2008 just to make the final there,as well. Fed is the only one who did not have to beat a slam champ on his way to his first slam win.

I know those wins weren't in finals,but they still count as having to get through a proven champ to win their first slam,and not just any proven champ,but the GOAT.
And Murray has beaten Nadal twice at slams - both times reaching the final and playing another grand slam winner. That's the point. Murray has only played the best of the best in finals, and today he finally broke through.

As for his celebration, I wasn't surprised given his muted celebration at winning the Olympics. Still, it's no Safin at the 2005 Australian Open.
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