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Originally Posted by Colin View Post
I just finished watching the replay, and while it was great (because the competitors were equally matched) I definitely think it plays against those pushing for labeling this as the golden era.

Federer from 2004-2007 would have won that like 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. He would have made either of those guys look like fools.
Such waffle with unproven and very unfounded assertions.

Roger Federer of 2004-2007 would have done bla bla bla ...

Fact is he had Roddick, an ageing Agassi and Hewitt in slam finals. When he met someone with real talent and in their peak, Safin, he came up short. Not knocking Federer, but don't demean Murray and Djokovic's performance today with subjective remarks based on the basis Federer played really pretty tennis during 2004-2007 and his opponents lacked the offensive, defensive skills to not look like they were being tormented and toyed with.
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