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Originally Posted by Tennis_Maestro View Post
That is an insignificant point! It matters not! If that actually mattered, would I have made this thread? It does not even come within the same radar as "still had to beat them in the semi finals" .. no one gets nervous in the semi finals, to beat the best you have to play YOUR BEST and to play your best UNDER PRESSURE, where nerves are jangling is not easy.

It counts for ******** in relation to this thread, absolute ********. The topic was BASED on WHO THEY HAVE BEATEN IN THE FINAL, IN THE FINAL, YES THE ACTUAL FINAL. You come in and make annoying remark about how it is not true and then say that is why? It is true. It's a fact. Semi final opponents do not stop it from being a fact and the statistic I was highlighting has no relevance to your pointless point which did not need to be made.

I was pointing out that you were actually wrong in saying that they didn't have to beat a slam winner to win their first slam because they did,and the GOAT at that. I know you were talking about in finals,but you were still fundamentally wrong,which is all I was trying to say. You immediately went on the attack and lost your sh*t over what I said. I think you should calm down before you open a vein.
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