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I like watching the really long matches. There is more drama, and the long rallies get really intense. Imo, tennis isn't met to be a game of 2-3 shots per point. Where's the fun in that? In the old days of extremely fast courts there was so much less talent required to play, and amazing shot making wasn't really as much of a needed skill. Also, imo, tennis is becoming what it should be. If you watch the really old matches, they were slow, but when technology made racquets so much more powerful, the game sped up dramatically and went away from what it was meant to be. Now with the courts slowing down, it's just balancing back out to WHAT IT SHOULD BE. May I remind you, most sporting events are longer than the average best of 5 AT THE FRENCH OPEN. The other 3 are even shorter(obviously).

I really don't know why people complain about this so much, it's really improving the game if anything. I do think, however, that for now the courts are a good speed. No further slowing is really needed.
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