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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
You are a funny guy. Sampras' BH was below average for a pro. I saw plenty of his matches. If he got in rallies he lost. His serve is the reason he has the house in BH, the trophies and the trophy wife. Again, if his BH were that good, there would be a French Open title on his resume.

OP, the real answer is Roddick was let down by his junior coaches - he should have never been put on tour with such a weak BH - didn't matter whether he used 1 or 2 hands. It's obvious he didn't practice it enough. Same with volleys. They stressed winning matches and getting a junior ranking - so his big serve and FH were enough.
Bitter much? Sampras must have been better than average in every department of his game to win 14 Slam titles.

The OP came up with an original question and I am nto surprised it's being swept under the carpet here. All that matters is petty rivalry and snide remarks from pseudo-experts.
Luke had a better H2H but Vader is still the GOAT.
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