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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Hi Carolyn,

You can imagine once the older BLX Tour racquet was discounted due to the release of the newer version, those older Tours didn't stay in-stock long at all!

In regards to the string, unfortunately that's the nature of multifilaments; they don't offer much bite or grab on the ball (if any at all). Hybriding multifilaments with synthetics or polyesters will add a little extra grip on the ball, but if gripping the ball is something you're looking for, I'd recommend sticking with a full set of synthetic or polyester.

Hope you find a new racquet you like playing with soon!


Thanks for the reply, but I was really just joking about TW having some racquets laying around. Not to worry though, my very thoughtful (surprisingly so; it's not even close to my birthday) fiance read my post and tracked down two of the blx tours in my grip size. So I'm all ready to roll

I'll stick with the synthetics I think. Fortunately, I've always found the Tour racquets perform well with a basic synthetic (another major plus in using them) and have got my eye on the Volkl V-Wrap and Klip Scorcher. With what you've suggested, I might also give the Volkl V-Maxx hybrid a whirl. The others have fallen for your suggestion of NXT and are using it as their go-to string.

Thanks again for all your help, from me and everyone in the team.
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