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Originally Posted by sruckauf View Post
Courier is an ex-pro. You can't get much higher in skill set than a guy like him in his prime, and is still active and successful in post-pro tennis. He was able to wield and use a racquet with one of the smallest heads ever at the top of men's tennis, and able to generate incredible racquet head speed. He swung and met the ball like a bat and baseball, remember? Any idea how hard that is? But I'm getting off the point.

My point is, that means with an 85 sq. in. head he was able to nail the sweet spot over and over and over. So to a guy like him, poly makes complete sense. As long as you hit the sweet spot almost all the time, have awesome hand-eye coordination, and can generate the racquet head speed necessary to get the benefits of poly, ya do it at all levels.
Hmmm.....I guess you never saw Laver, Rosewall, Smith, Nastase, Ashe, Borg, Connors, McEnroe, etc. at the top of men's tennis with their 65 sq. in. racquets?
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