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My $0.02 on Murray was he played to not lose, where as at least Djokovic took some chances. Don't get me wrong, they both play high percentage tennis, so, at the top of the ATP, do those two (yes I'm counting Djokovic too) count as "pushers?" To me yes, and even at the pro's level, on that court surface, with the balls they are using, that playing style wins.
To those who counter with "pushers don't serve 130mph," how hard was he hitting his second serve?? Serena was hitting her second serve harder. And how many mid court balls did he just loop back to Djokovic's service line? What does Raffa or Federer do with a ball that short in the court?

Just my OPINION, but I would rather watch contrasting styles of players in a final @ the USO.
I was happy for Murray that he broke through, and at the level's he playing right now, he will win other GS. He's shown the committment to win, and has executed, good for him!
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