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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Fair enough. Don't suggest statistics, such as his "through the roof" unforced error rate in the Wimbledon final, when they aren't reflected in his matches.
Kindly don't lecture me as to what I can and cannot say.
The simple fact is he makes more unforced errors now than he used to. To suggest it doesn't affect the outcome is simply misguided (his record since they increased has deteriorated), and pointless - because it remains a fact. Regardless of outcome. They've gone up. Are you going to actually dispute that?

Likewise, using him having not won a major for two years in reference to his ageing when he just won Wimbledon (thumping his closest two peers also) is sort of odd.
Why? It's true! He's older, and incapable of the same domination he used to enjoy. Just because he managed to win Wimbledon (on his best surface btw) doesn't mean he's back to the pre 24 month barren spell form. He's not. His performances since then in the Olympics then US suggest he isn't at the same level.

He can still do it now and again, I didn't say he couldn't, but it's bizarre to suggest that his victory at Wimbledon means it's invalid to point out 24 months of no slams.
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