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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Syke, did you ever do an a/b comparison of ptp and pts? If not, Id love to read it as soft, durable, predictable? etc.

I plan to go to my shop and buy another pack of ptp before ordering a reel from Gary's source. But if they have pts i will definitely try that as well.
PP, knowing you have a sensitive arm, I am a little hesitant on recommending you anything stiff...

It is stiffer than the YPTP but it softens out after a couple of hours, durability is about the same. It does get more powerful/trampoline like once the stringbed has soften up, so that's a minus point for predictability.

Freshly strung, the control and spin is just awesome with the right amount of power. However, I know others here prefer the string better after it has broken in, with more pocketing and power.

But what I really like about this string is the crisp cheap plasticky feel, lol.. The feel of the ball leaving the stringbed almost immediately upon impact, accompanied with a loud distintive twat. To be honest, it's quite the opposite to the YPTP in terms of feel.

FYI, I do like the SPPP as well, SPPP has a really nice pop but just a little too powerful for my taste. That's why I ended up with the YPTS. If you like the SPPP, there is a good possibility the YPTS might work out for you.

Try it if you are game, just remember to cut it out if it's too stiff for you.
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