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Originally Posted by Born to play View Post
I'm buying these but when I look at the back of the shoes, the Rafa logo is waded, ironic is that it also looks like this with another seller. Can you say whether your's looks like this as well or not

PS: if not do you think I'll be able to remove it with a black marker and whether I can colour the black parts of the top of the shoe so it looks just Rafa's, I've succeeded before but don't know whether I'll do again
I have the shoes and bull logo is the same as pictures above.
it's authentic one.
Even though glow-in dark is not that bright but it is still one of the best shoes in terms of idea.
the bull logo is not Glow-in dark material so Nike might decided the logo with glow-in dark effect bull logo design.
Since Bull logo is printed, you can easily erase the bull logo with rubbing alcohol but you can remove the letter "RAFA"
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