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Originally Posted by TaihtDuhShaat View Post
From this graph, you'll see that if you take or add all the weight from the middle of the racquet, the slope (or should i say derivative?) will be the same it will just be shifted up or down.

So from the TWU customization tool:

subtracting 63.7g from the middle of the travlerajm spec, you get:

320g, 31.4 cm balance, 327.5 sw

This should just be a lower shifted version on the graph

This gives you a MgR/I of:

980.5 x .320 x 31.4 / ((20 x .320 x 31.4) - 32.0 + 327.5) = 19.85 ( A very lagging behind 'slow' racquet head relative to your wrist)

This spec is so polarized (and lower powered than any players frame on the market) it might be nearly impossible to achieve from the specs of 99% of retail frames. It 'might' be doable with a prostock frame, with all the lead at 12 and in the butt, and making sure there is a minimum amount of weight added in between. (ie. no leather grip, no dampener, light strings, etc.)

edit: just tried it on the customization tool for the Ti.radical mp (a very customizable retail frame) and the closest you can get for 320g is around 32.8 cm balance with 327.5 sw (which will give you a much more powerful frame).
Would you like to try the following experiment? I would love to know about your opinion/feel on the court if you would play with your current frame and then compare it with a frame customized as if weight is removed from the middle. IOW play with the same, but lower curve and compare whether the lower MgR/I is as noticeable as you would have anticipated if the curve wouldn't have had the same shape.
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